John Coleman, Head of Farms and Estate Agency, Smiths Gore:

While at Knight Frank we worked closely with Playfair Walker who provided a dedicated and professional media relations service, as well as helping us with political advice.

Their thorough approach, creativity, and attention to detail has now secured them the contract to handle PR for Smiths Gore in Scotland which I have no doubt they will deliver to the same high standard.

Ronnie Ludwig, Partner, Saffery Champness:

Saffery Champness engaged the services of Playfair Walker to act as our PR agents in Scotland in early 2001. In the period since then they have been instrumental and highly successful in developing our PR and media profile in Scotland. They are a highly professional and creative firm.

I am happy to recommend Playfair Walker to any firm of professional advisors who may consider using their services.

Sandy Lewis, Chief Executive, Seafield & Strathspey Estates:

Seafield & Strathspey Estates have been clients of Playfair Walker for at least the last 10 years. We receive from them comprehensive and discreet PR advice where they work as part of the management team rather than external advisors. They are not only skilled in providing positive PR assistance but, when required, they provide invaluable advice in dealing with any adverse publicity that may arise. They are one of the few organisations we deal with where a telephone call will usually be taken by one of the partners directly. This gives a strong feeling of support and confidence that we are always receiving a professional service.